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Solar Panels on Rooftop

Get Amazing Value and Grow Your Business with the

 Roofer Marketing Blueprint 

Core Package - $2100

The Core Package includes the foundational pieces needed for generating a flow of leads to your business:

  • Aggressive SEO to Optimize your Website for Search Engines, including two new strategic pieces of content developed each month 

  • Google Ads and YouTube Ads Management​

  • Review and Reputation Management -- a combination of software to get you the max number of reviews

  • An All-American, All-Star Team working for your success

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  • Aggressive SEO -- (A $1200 Value)

    • Monthly team meeting with you and anyone else in your business you want to invite to discuss your goals and priorities to form a plan of action.

    • Each month the team will focus on creating the two pieces of content they believe will move you toward your goals the fastest: landing page, blog, web page, new service area page, etc. with a view to targeting critical keywords not supported well on the website, as well as targeting new service areas, adding relevant topics, etc. 

    • Direct access to the SEO team when you want it.

    • Monthly reporting and in-depth quarterly strategy and data intelligence meetings: website traffic trends, user behavior, conversion rates, and other details. We'll check/revise as needed our strategy and any re-prioritization of your goals and our tasks.

    • Initial optimization of 15 pages the first month and 3 more each of the following months

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  • Google Ads Management and YouTube Ads Management -- (A $600 Value)

    • Ad Campaign Creation and Management: We get you sales, not just clicks. (Ad Spend paid separately and directly to Google). 

    • Certified Google Ads Managers: knowledgeable and experienced in running effective ad campaigns and have demonstrated their proficiency in using Google Ads to drive results for clients.

    • Cost-Effective: A certified Google Ads manager can help you optimize your ad spend and get the best return on investment (ROI) for your advertising budget. We help you avoid costly mistakes that may lead to wasted ad spend.

    • Constant Optimization: Google Ads is a dynamic platform that requires constant monitoring and optimization to ensure that your ad campaigns are performing at their best

    • Reporting and Analytics: Detailed monthly reports and analytics on the performance of your ads 

  • Review and Reputation Management that will Turbo-Charge Your Service Area Pages (Nearby Now + Reviewlead, A $750/month Value)

    • Nearby Now - SEO Master Allows you to collect reviews easily while allowing your customers to leave reviews in multiple places and ways -- written, audio, and video reviews.

    • Cost-effective: No setup fees. No volume penalties. Add as many team members as you want to at no extra charge

    • Boost SEO: Do Check-ins on the job site with photos and descriptions of your work to send signals to Google that you are working in that area and watch your rankings  improve there

    • Live Stream: Stream check-in content to your website and social media to provide fresh content every day

    • Reporting and Analytics: Our certified Google Ads managers will provide detailed monthly reports and analytics on the performance of your ads. 

    • Reviewlead Automated Campaigns: Didn't get a response to your review request? Add the customer contact info to an automated email or text drip campaign and send out as many request reminders as you need to get that review on autopilot. We've even seen 5-star reviews come in on the 11th request!

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