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How Content Writing Can Boost Your SEO and Drive Sales

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Everyone knows how a quick Google search can turn into falling down the internet rabbit hole, ending at a company's website filled with products we never knew we desperately needed. Most often, this is due to content writing. Content writing services can range from blogs to vlogs, videos, podcast scripts, eBooks, press releases, social media copy, and even website content like product descriptions. This content offers information to consumers while leading them to a company's website. In all content writing, the goal is to give the target consumer something valuable, while also boosting your SEO and driving sales. Here, we'll go over the ways content writing serves a company’s success.

Keywords And Search Phrases

SEO, or search engine optimization, are those online activities and qualities that determine a business's page ranking in searches. It's essential for success as most online searchers won’t scroll past the first few companies listed, much less to the second page of results.

To improve search engine ranking, companies must include target keywords and search terms, which are the words and phrases that people use when trying to find information or businesses.

Content writing allows companies to optimize their results by including the main, or most searched, keyword and keyword phrases along with alternative phrases related to the main topic.

While using keywords and long tail keywords is essential, keywords alone won’t help make a business see increased sales. Keywords and search terms undoubtedly make an impact, but the most important aspect of content writing is, obviously, the quality of the content.

When companies offer quality content writing, it improves their organic ranking, meaning that the link appears without being promoted through paid advertising. Consumers generally feel more inclined to click on organic links rather than promoted links.

To have a fully optimized site, one needs to publish the kind of content that consumers want -- content that is well-written, interesting, and informative. The quality of the content affects the searcher’s behavior. It can mean the difference between clicking on one link versus another on the results page, spending a long time on a website, or clicking back to search further. Businesses want consumers to be able to find their website, but if site visitors don't find the site interesting and helpful, they’ll soon bounce away and take their business elsewhere.

Think of it this way, keywords and search phrases are what get a consumer to your site, but the level of engagement from the content is what keeps people there. Engagement is generally based on relevancy, entertainment, or usefulness and great content writing will have all of the above. Having great content writing ensures that the searcher stays on your site, and the longer they’re there, the more likely they are to buy something.

Search Engines Can Now Decipher What Is “Good” Content Writing

Google and other search engines are very aware of what type of content websites are posting, what the purpose of the writing is, how often a company posts, as well as correct formatting so bots can categorize it within the search engine’s algorithm.

It may seem impossible for search engine algorithms to decipher what’s good and what’s not, but as technology has advanced they can now see what content writing is high-quality. And it’s not just the obvious aspects like grammar and spelling -- although those are important -- now search engines give preferential treatment to content writing that is unique, and relevant.

Driving Sales While Building Brand Awareness and Creating Loyal Consumers

The best content writing online must be engaging because the more engaged the audience is -- be it online searchers or other businesses -- the more likely they will be to link it to their own platforms. These are called "backlinks" and they improve search engine rankings and brand awareness.

When content is linked throughout multiple sites, companies increase their chances of finding like-minded consumers who are also interested in their product or services. This means the more high-quality content writing you have in an array of subject matters, the more people you can appeal to, which is why it’s a good idea to cover plenty of topics and interest areas related to your business.

Social media is becoming one of the leading ways businesses can sell to consumers. When a company offers the internet valuable content, users will interact with it through retweets, shares, mentions, comments, or likes, so content is the gift that keeps on giving. You can also repurpose a blog or article, using select sentences in social media posts or even adapting it for video content, driving down social media marketing costs.

When online searchers enjoy your content and share it or comment on it in some way, search engines like Google recognize it as “social validation”. Social validation refers to content that has set off a chain reaction of behaviors in a group and is therefore deemed valid. It signals to search engines that even those who aren’t affiliated with the company specifically may still enjoy it, and therefore they’ll bump your site to the top of the list.

This is why many businesses now have Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok -- it’s a way to share information, and ensure that they reach the largest audience possible. Social media tags and links back to your website will increase brand awareness and consumer trust, both of which are essential for driving sales.

Why Giving Your Customers Information Is Meaningful

Content writing boosts SEO and drives sales, but it’s also an important aspect of the business-consumer relationship. When a business gives their target or current consumers valuable information that can help their lives, answer questions, or even just provides a laugh after a long day, they remember the brand. It creates goodwill and promotes trust as it means the company is thinking of its customers, creating a more direct personal relationship.

Did You Know… This, Here, Is Content Writing?

Of course, this blog is aiming to show you why it’s a great idea for any business to invest in this, but we’re also trying to boost our own SEO. We're a South Carolina SEO Company for Roofers that offers digital marketing solutions to grow roofing companies… Can you tell we're trying to include our keywords? Our digital marketing services, (last one we promise!) help roofing companies boost their SEO by creating unique and relevant content. Quality content writing, such as the fine blog you're reading now, helps both consumers and businesses, all at the same time.


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