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 Restaurant owners know their online presence is crucial now more than ever, but most don't have the time and skills to be successful online.


Saluda digital's Restaurant Growth Plan sets you up for success online and brings you new, loyal customers.

At Saluda Digital, we know you're the kind of restaurant owner who has big dreams for your business. You are proactive in ensuring its success and you won't be satisfied until your restaurant is operating at its full potential and growing. Who knows? Maybe it will even become a chain, or maybe your chain will go nationwide.
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You have dreams, and you were fulfilling those dreams until a thing called Covid-19 came along and changed all of the rules.  You've been forced to adopt a new business model, and you're not sure just what it should look like, let alone how to set it all up. Not only that, but you're busy.

saluda digital's

restaurant growth Plan

At Saluda Digital, we get you, and that's why we've developed this industry-leading Restaurant Growth Plan. It will get your restaurant and dreams back on track to success.
Our proven plan will help more customers find you online and want to do business with you. We make it so easy and appealing to them, you'll become their go-to on take-out night or when they want to go out and celebrate. Want to know how?

here's the scoop...

Step 1- Let's get your online ordering set up right to get you more sales and more profit. We'll research all platforms available in your area and help you get set up
  • with local and national delivery services - more services mean more orders
    • Use our key strategy​ with these companies to increase your revenue
  • with your very own, in-house, zero commission ordering app
    • Confirm orders, take payment, create offers right in the app!​
    • Automatically increase profit by 10 - 30% by paying no commissions to those third-party ordering platforms!
    • Use your ordering app to funnel people to your VIP Club
Step 2- We'll create and promote your VIP Club to capture your customer's name, phone number, email -- and even their birthday and anniversary!
  • Send texts/emails featuring promotions, new menu items, contest winners, etc., to increase customer loyalty and spending
  • Send out trackable coupons through your VIP Club and know exactly the return on your investment with our data-driven marketing
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Step 3- Now it's time to drive even more business to your own app (instead of the third-party delivery services) through social media marketing.
  • We'll create low-cost, high ROI Social Media Ads that bring new business online and into your restaurant through our Click-to-Order Ads
Step 4- Ramp up your marketing by choosing the services that work best for your restaurant. Choose one or choose them all!
  • Our Birthday/Anniversary Coupon Formula
    • We send you your most valuable customers - those who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries!​​
  • Our Viral Events Program
    • Get ahead of your competition with our Viral Events Program. Your business will stand out in the Newsfeed and in the Facebook Local App as interest in your event spreads virally using our methods
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  • Our Facebook Check-In Program
    • Use our Facebook Check In Program to really ramp up this Facebook feature and put this powerful word-of-mouth advertising to work for your business!
  • Social Media Management
    • ​Regular, professional ​posts that are humorous, engaging, informative, and help strengthen customer loyalty​ to your restaurant. Google Listing posts are an add-on service that can go with several of our options.
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  • Customer Reviews 
    • Customer Reviews are crucial to the life of your restaurant. Saluda Digital is a certified partner with ReviewLead because we believe it is the best option out there. To learn all about it, visit the Business Reviews page.
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To get started now, you can:

1. Schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call using the button above. We'll discuss what you'd like to accomplish for your restaurant, and we can schedule a meeting for a proposal tailored to your needs.

2. Or, click below to find a form where you can indicate what you're interested in, and you'll be contacted by email first.