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Columbia, SC Marketing Firm

Though our company is only four years old, our team members have scads of experience. Based in the USA, some of our team members were doing digital marketing before Google even existed, and they're still at it, growing and keeping up with every change. Others on our team are much younger but have proven themselves experts with certifications in WordPress, Wix, Google Ads, and many other platforms and software. Together they bring so much to the table when deciding the best strategy for each type of business. 


Our mission is to craft a marketing strategy that helps your business succeed by increasing your leads and sales.


All of our methods are "white hat" because integrity is something we highly value.


We also value people and want to see the business owners of our community and beyond succeed so that families have more secure homes and futures.


Saluda Digital Marketing is honored to be a part of helping our community to be stronger.

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Julie Moore

CEO of Saluda Digital 


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Eric  Sanders
Sands Roofing and construction

 I am happy to say we have had a strong month to start off the new year! Kudos to you and your team as our phones have been ringing! 

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Julieta Morales

excellent quality, attention and service. widely recommended !

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Donna Weston
Discovery Therapies, Inc

Julie's expert advice has enabled us to make informed decisions regarding our online presence. I highly recommend!