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Social Media Marketing for Roofers

Become the best-known roofing company in your area with social media.

Having a Social Media Plan Puts You Ahead 

Let Facebook and Instagram ads work 24/7 to get you customers

On the Phone

Get your social media pages optimized to attract search engines and prospects

Suburban House

Build your brand identity with content created just for you and true to your voice.


Affordable Daily Posting for Your Social Media and Google Business Listing

At Saluda Digital, we realize that you are busy running your business, and posting every day on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms takes a lot of time that you need to spend elsewhere.


Most social media managers charge monthly fees that are not very do-able for many small business owners, so Saluda Digital Marketing has found a way to make keeping your page active and top-of-mind very affordable with our social media management services for roofing companies. Our social media marketing for roofers also has options for the level of service you need.


Posting every day will extend your reach, lower your ad cost, and help you rise to the top in search results.


Video posts, as well as posts across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and your Google Listing are also available. We can tailor a plan for your specific needs and budget. Ask us about YouTube videos and shorts, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Stories as well.

The Facebook 3-Pack

When you consider the number of users and time spent on the platform per user, Facebook has become the second largest search engine that people use to check out businesses before they decide which one to go with. And like Google, Facebook has a 3-pack. Search "Chiropractors near me" and you will see the 3-pack pop up:

snip of chiros on 3 pack facebook.PNG

What Factors Determine Ranking in the Facebook Search Engine?

One thing we know for sure is that Facebook pages that are optimized, active, and engaging rank higher than those that aren't. Our roofing social media marketing company creates posts that will get people engaging with your page and uses methods like Facebook check-ins, viral events, hashtags, and Facebook reels and stories to generate interest in your business.

Use Social Media Ads and Be the Best Known Roofing Company  

Show retargeting ads to your website visitors while they are on social media and become the best-known roofing company in your city.  We can set up a storm campaign for you so that when a storm hits an area, we simply turn the ad on and target that area with the ads. Our strategy and methodology for social media marketing for roofers follow best practices for roofing companies as well as each type of ad campaign objective.

We can set up click-to-call or Messenger campaigns if you prefer that people reach out to you with a call or Messenger, or we can take people from an ad to a scheduling form. We'll help you build an email list through paid ads as well. We'll create the type of campaign that works best for your business with our specialized social media marketing for roofers. ​

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