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Grow your bottom line with our experienced and dedicated marketing team for roofing companies

Are You Building from a Marketing Plan for Roofers?

You know how important it is to build from a good plan.
That's why you don't want to market your roofing business haphazardly when so much is at stake.

Build your roofing business with a roofing marketing agency partner that works from a proven plan. 
The Core Plan:
  • Your Website: Design, Marketing Message, Content Development, and Service Area Pages
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization so your website will be found online), including:
    • New, fresh content developed for you every month to grow your audience and capture more keyword rankings
    • Technical SEO to make the search engines happy to show your site
    • Link Building and Citations 
  • Google Ads Management
  • Text and Email Campaigns to help capture reviews from your customers
  • Lead Tracking
  • Monthly Reporting
Other available services include:
  • Social Media Posting Basic or Pro with Boosted Posts and Reels
  • Facebook Retargeting Ads 
  • Email marketing
  • Scheduling Software with automated confirmation messages
  • Call answering and appointment setting 24/7
  • Direct Mail Campaigns set up

Marketing for Your Roofing Company from Saluda Digital

Your Website: The Foundation of Your Marketing Plan

Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing plan. It serves as the storefront where people come to get to know who you are and what you're all about.


Your marketing message needs to resonate with your audience and lead them down a clear path to the sale, and your website must have SEO-optimized content that will help you rank high in search engines. 


If the foundation isn't well laid, the digital marketing plan is not likely to perform as well. This is why our roofing marketing agency will begin with your website and make sure it's working to get your phone ringing.

When your website is ready, we'll implement world-class SEO (search engine optimization) that will help get your website to page one in searches.


Some of our senior engineers have been doing SEO for more than twenty years! They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the task.


Our roofing marketing agency has a team of All-American Allstars who use only white hat methods that are proven to get you results -- or you don't pay!

Click to learn more about SEO and why it's a must-have part of Internet advertising for your roofing business marketing plan.

Steel foundations
Colorful High-rise Building Against Blue Sky

Google Ads: The Walls that Help You Reach New Heights

Pay-per-Click ads such as Google Ads are the walls of your digital marketing plan that will allow you to scale as high as you want.


Google Ads are the quickest and surest path to dependable growth because it's all about user intent.


You see, when a person starts typing in certain keywords, they mean to do business with someone like you, and Google Ads can put your business at the top of page one very quickly. 


Our Google Ads team is a top-tier Certified Google Ads Partner with many years of experience.

The combination of pay-per-click ads, SEO for roofers, and addressing your online reputation is the surest path to real growth.


If you really want to grow fast as a roofing company, you can't afford to ignore Google Ads.


But make sure not to DIY when your ad spend is on the line. We can help you reduce the number of useless clicks and hone in on the right targets so that your conversion rate goes up and your ad spend is spent more effectively.

Our roofing marketing agency will do a free assessment of the competition in your area and find out what budget it will take whether you want to:

  • get started and produce consistent results

  • make significant growth this year, or ...

  • out-perform the competition! 

Click to learn more.

Your Reputation:
The Roof That Protects Your Business

Your online reputation is of utmost importance, so build it well.  We offer two great options to help you.


Nearby Now is our go-to because of its high success rate -- the highest in the industry. It is also super-easy to request a review and gives your customers more ways to leave a review than any other software. Not only that, Nearby Now allows you to do a check-in at each location and stream those check-ins to your website's service area pages, your Google Business Profile, and even your Facebook page, boosting your SEO in a powerful way.

Another great option we use is ReviewLead text and email campaigns. Reviewlead can help you avoid negative reviews by giving an unhappy customer an opportunity to message you through an email, giving you a chance to make things right and win back their favor, or at least prevent a negative review. ReviewLead also streams your best reviews to your website and Facebook page, giving more authority and credibility to your business.


Reviews are a must-have when it comes to out-ranking your competition in search engines. Learn more by clicking below.


Social Media Marketing:
Invite Visitors to Get to Know Your Business

Social Media is where the personality of your business can really shine through. Let your community get to know you by sharing images and news about your team and the projects you're working on. With boosted posts and Facebook and Instagram Ads, you'll grow your reputation and can capture new leads for Email Marketing.

Search engines also favor businesses that are very active on social media, so regular and frequent posting is recommended, but we all know how much time it can take to post on various platforms. That's why Saluda Digital Marketing helps Roofing Companies with online advertising posts across social media platforms as well as their Google Business Listing.

Retargeting Ads and Email Marketing: Put Out the Welcome Mat and Send Invitations

Keep inviting your website visitors back for more with Google Retargeting Ads that follow your site's visitors to other platforms and remind them of your business. Retargeting ads help you welcome new potential customers to your brand and bring them back to interact with your business again. You'll keep your brand top of mind and become the best-known roofing company with internet advertising to help you stand out in your area. 

You know the saying, "The money is in the follow-up," and that's because people need seven to nine "touches" with a new brand to really become familiar with it. With Email Marketing, you can reach out and touch potential leads again and again.  When they are ready to do business, they will know who to call.

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